Our craft beers

Water, malt, hops and yeast are skillfully blended the ingredients of a good beer.


Unfiltered, not pasteurized, high fermentation

A beautiful pale golden yellow, with fine delicate foam for a lasting head. A beer based on the classic English Golden Ales, but with its own pronounced character. It is light but not too easy, with a moderately hoppy bouquet and a soft taste.

Great for soft and moderately aged cheeses, cold cuts, pasta and white meats.


A mild and fruity flavour with intriguing bitter notes.

Rozza but actually velvety, reddish amber, with smooth, creamy foam. A distant relative of Scottish Ales, it is a robust beer that thrives on contrasts.

Perfect with aged cheeses, complex entrées and grilled meats.


America is in the name and the idea, based on American Pale Ales.

An intense yellow hue, the smooth head, from the forceful bouquet to the dry, pleasantly astringent and bitter flavor, with notes of citrus.

Ready for reckless match-ups. If you want to take chances, this is the beer to choose, perfect, even with fish.


Among our creations, there had to be at least one Weizen. We make it with 60% wheat malt and 40% barley malt. The result is a beer with an appealing pale yellow color, fruity bouquet and full body, perfect as an aperitif. After which you can take it straight to the dining table, where it works excellently with fish and white meats.


Namely with low alcohol content and a light taste, but also with a personal touch, provided in this case by appealing citrus notes.

A commendable choice for any time of day, when you want an easy, cheerful and drinkable brew.

oro nero

Oro Nero is our Stout, with a deep monk-cassock brown color and very creamy foam.

You’ll be surprised by its full, intense flavor, with overtones of coffee, caramel, licorice and cacao.

Ideal with desserts and puddings, worth trying with meat in general, but also with oysters or smoked salmon.